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I am a trained and certified Integral Master Coach™, following a 30-year career as a leader, senior executive, lawyer, and policy wonk in the national professional association, federal government, and NGO sectors. I inspired individuals and high-performance teams to create value and voice in diverse and demanding professional communities. I bring to my coaching that experience, perspectives from a rich personal life, and the rigour, depth and demonstrated effectiveness of the Integral Coaching® method

After 30 years of ‘balancing’ intense, amazing, high profile work with the needs of my family and the rest of my life, I knew that it was time for my own transformational change.  I left my position at what some would call the height of my career to train and certify as a Professional Coach. This was what I’d been preparing for my whole career and in my personal life. This is what I do. It’s how I support others in the development and growth they want in their professional and personal lives. To help people bring their “human-ness” to work in ways that support their performance and success, bring value to their organizations and teams, and contribute to healthy, respectful, productive and happy workplaces.

My “whole person/whole situation” approach, is the framework I use to support my clients and contribute to human development in the workplace.


It underpins my own values at work and in life:​​





Conscious Leadership




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