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Therapy Sessions

 Are you feeling stuck in old patterns, challenging decisions or skills that are no longer working or relevant? Do you want to improve difficult relationships or change your ways of being that limit your performance and potential? Do you want to live and work with new meaning and purpose - break through to the 'what else' you know is there?

As an Integral Master Coach™, I work with my clients to develop  coaching programs that are tailored to their unique needs, aspirations, sensitivities and strengths, and that support the change that will enable them to create the futures they desire.


Coaching can help you with:

Career Transition or Progression

  • Exploring your next professional move

  • Building the confidence you need for change

  • Deciding: Do I stay or do I go?

Leadership Development

  • Developing your unique leadership style

  • Building leadership skills when you’re new at it

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome

Skills and Capacity Development

  • Communicating with composure and confidence

  • Addressing challenging performance feedback

  • Dealing with conflict

Balance and Personal Growth

  • Enhancing your creativity and value

  • Preventing (and recovery from) burn-out and stress

  • Growing resilience

  • Understanding and living what really matters to you

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